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As a small business with a niche trade, our direct environmental impact may be questionable. However, as CSR goes beyond sustainability criteria, we accept that our imprint is a compound of accessible and less accessible measures in social and economic fields, as well as the promotion of similar initiatives within our social ecosystem.


Instead of establishing this document as a “list of good deeds”, we tried to contextualize and criticize wherever possible. We marked with a checkmark ✔︎ when the actions undertaken are in strict compliance with regulations. When we exceed regulations, or comply while it is not required (usually because Production Type categorizes as a Small Business), we have marked it with an asterisk ✶. Last, we also tried to mention possible next steps and ideas for enhancement.

Do you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve? Feel free to drop us a line at



Production Type’s website produces annually about 746.7kg of CO₂ equivalent and consumes about 1,500kWh, according to Website carbon index. All remote servers run on windmill energy which is produced by the hosting company OVH itself, and are water- or air-cooled.

The Paris office consume about 19,800kWh. It is powered by EnerCoop, from 100% renewable sources. We take extra attention to not leave hardware unnecessarily running at night. Offices have recent insulation and low-consumption light bulbs are in place. Heating is electrical.
The Shanghai office consume about 12,000kWh. It is powered by fossil fuels.

Objectives and improvement points:

• Reduce website load size, which currently is bigger than 93% of other websites
• Seek energy consumption information from digital third-party service providers
• Achieve a carbon-negative status for Production Type’s offices and website
• Heat the offices at no more than 19°C


In Paris, unsurprisingly no collaborator uses thermal engines to commute. All collaborators use either public transportation, bicycles or electric bicycles. Production Type encourages the use of bicycles and provides the “bicycle mileage allowances” program to employees in Paris and Shanghai,✶ and is part of the Mouvement des Employeurs à Vélo Ajouté. Unfortunately we cannot get certification as a pro-bicycle employer.

Conference travel has been reduced by a half since 2018. Rail transport is preferred whenever possible. While no travel is preferrable, carbon emissions are compensated annually.


• Waste: Production Type practices selective waste sorting on both sites.✶
• Proofing works on paper is a consuming practice, which we have reduced to under 5,000 pages/year. For promotional printed goods, PEFC/FSC papers are preferred over recycled papers; and vegetable-based, low-solvent inks are specified for any new printed good since 2018.
• Textile products from organically sourced and traceable cotton are preferred. For the Western part of our communication, all goods are sourced in Paris, France, or Europe; in order of preference.
• Reconditioned and upcycled hardware and furniture is preferred.
• Data: Production Type uses cold data storage and prioritizes hyperlinks over e-mail attachments.


• Eliminate the use of single-use cutlery, disposable cups and tableware, and plastic bags. We have plenty of totes.✶
• We are working with a new partner specialized in high-end upcycling for the reuse of our 2020 exhibition material.
• Improve on systematic use of reconditioned hardware

Economy & governance


Production Type’s prices are publicly displayed on its website. We offer discounts for students, NGOs and charity up to 30%.
We do not practice dumping on prices and competition fees ✔︎. Our delivery turnaround time are from null (direct download) to a contractual given date. For more than 5 years, we have met our deadlines with a 2% tolerance margin for projects of more than 6 months.
Production Type is GDPR-compliant. We do not sell client data to anyone, in any manner whatsoever, and any third-party service used in connection with sales is located at least in Europe, if not in France.


For contractor type designers, Production Type provides real-time updates on royalty reports. Royalties are paid net next-day of term (in some exceptional cases, payments have taken up to 10 days past term). Our invoicing settlement cycle for suppliers is net 30 days ✔︎. For cases where Production Type issues RFPs/RFQs, no further work is required (no “free pitching”).✶

On fonts and projects pages, credits are present, from signature designers to staff and interns, as well as native Greek and Russian designers of respective scripts.

Certification & ethics

Production Type’s annual accounts are certified and officially registered.✶ Certificates of tax residency, compliance, and settlements on social contributions are provided on request to suppliers.
Through its membership at Association Design Conseil, it provides guidance to good practice to font licensing for design agencies. It is also a member of Société des Auteurs d’Images Fixes and Alliance Française des Designers which both foster and ensure fair compensation for designers in competitions and in the use of their works.



• Production Type is affiliated with collective labor agreements in its branch. ✔︎
• Annual work safety and health checks are performed by an independent partner. ✔︎
• Health protection package includes complementary health care insurance policy. ✔︎ ✶
• 50% of the public transport annual pass is covered. ✶

Working at Production Type

Production Type guarantees a safe, worry-free work environment, with ergonomic furniture, optimal lighting conditions, minimum sound nuisance, and a convenient break room.

As of 2020, Production Type does not make use of “permalancers” (aka “full-time freelancer”) ✔︎ and respects work-life balance. Internships are compensated.✶ While being a very small team, parity is monitored.✶

Production Type subscribes to a continuous external training program for employees✶. Annual interviews are conducted. ✶

NGO, Charity, not-for-profit and community actions

The purpose of this section is to encourage others to do the same and to make a point that no company is too small. We do not seek credit for what we see here as decent behaviour at most.

• Patronage: Musée du Louvre, Bibliothèque Nationale de France Mazarine, Musée Carnavalet, Société des amis de la bibliothèque Forney.
• Environment: GoodPlanet, Agir pour l’Environnement, Greenpeace.
• Social & charity: Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Reporters Without Borders, Max Planck Institute, L’Enfant Bleu.
• Community: Paris En Selle, Roissy Handball

Only current patronages and sponsorships are listed.

Education: workshops, students, interns

People at Production Type regularly lecture on type and typography. Some of us maintain teaching positions, and give workshops. This is not particularly exceptional in the typographic community, which has a strong tradition of training and interning. As of 2020, we have put a hold on type design internships. This difficult decision was taken after considering that our team of 4 had difficulties managing the load and the proper mentoring of an intern. Graphic Design internships are still offered: get in touch.

Through the mentoring program of the French Public Investment Bank (BPI), Production Type provides (typographic) design audits at a nominal cost to innovative companies seeking funding. Last, Production Type is a member of various professional organizations: Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), Type Directors Club, and Club des Directeurs Artistiques

Do you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve? Feel free to drop us a line at

This document is dated 2020/02/21.
Latest update: 2020/10/12.